Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Ob; a ton$ agdiroft church - to ice. monifhed, he may not be rejeaed till he be heard [peak for himfe.lf , and.till he refufe alfo,Xhe publike admonition. This is Chrifis order, whofe wifdom, andmercy and authorityare filch, as may well caufe us to take his way , as belt. And yet the ignorance or ralh- n:fs of many profeffors is fuch, that they would have ahl this order of Chrill overturned And fome of themmull have fuch a drunkard and Inch a fwearer kept away and reje&ed, beforeever they admonifhed them or exhorted them to Re- pentance, or prove that any one elfe bath done it much more before they have told the Church, or proved that he bath negle6ted the Churches ad- monition, And fome go fo much further, that they muff have all theChurches taken for no Churches, till they have gathered them a new and !null have all the Parifh at once reje&ed (tilt they have gathered out fome few again) without any fuch order of proceeding with them , as Chriil appointeth : It may be a tho'afand ih ll be call out at once, when never a one ofthem was thus adrmonifhed. Obj. They were never members of a trs+e Chssrch ; and therefore need n) cj'in rtt. Ant: Were they never baptized ? or is rot hap- tifine Chrilts appointed means of admi!Ion into his Church. Obj. They were baptized in their Infancy,andaf. terwardbred up in ignorance andprofanenefc, kn,va not what their baptifme rs, nor ever foberiyowned Ánfw. Either they filll profefs thernfelves Chrillians, and attend G xis ordinances with th Church or not : Ifno then they are Apo- I 4 piatea