Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

88 Obj eaions apingChurch-luflice. Rates : If they do, then they do own their Baptit- trial Covenant by a continued profejfion : If you accule them of not c,nderftandtng this profeJon, or of livingcontrary to it, youmull proceed againft them one by one as Chrift appointeth ; and frfi admonifh them, and then tell the Church; and not fay ;bey are ignorant and profane, and expea upon your Paying fo, they fhould all be unthurch- ed. Yea if you prove them ignorant, if they be willing to learn, it is fitter prefently to inítru& them than to excommunicate them : nor do you xeade of any excommunicated for meer igno- rance. But weconfcfs that in grofs ignorance, they may (hew themfelves uncapable of facra- mental Communion, and maybe denied it while they are learning to know what they do. But the mercy of God bath made points abfolutely ryeceffary fo few, that this may be done in a Ihort time, if the Perlons be willing , and the Teachers diligent, and fuficiently numerous for that work. And though it is to be lamented, that in many--great City-Parifhes, the M inif+ers are not enough to catechize the twentieth part of the people, yet for the generality of Patifhes through the Land, if Catechizing were ufed as it 'might be, there would not any great numbers be long kept away for meer ignorance. And he that is the caufe of his Parifhes ignorance by negleaing Catechizing and perfonal confer- ence,8c then unchurcheth them,tor the ignorance, t hict: he is guilty of, doth take but a prepofte- rous courfe, for his own account and comfort,or for the peoples good. Obj óBot they reffife to learn or be in iruïled. 4nf