Baxter - BV649 B3 1670 Thereforehe hath permitted the two Ex- trcapjs to Phew thenifelves openly to the world in the effects : And one muff be not- ed and hated and avoided , as well as the other, I thought once that all that talk againíl Schifm and Seth, did but vent their malice againfl the bet Chriftians , under tlrode names : But f nco then I have feen what Love-killing principles ha-ie done ! I have long flood by. while Churches have been divided, and fub..divided; one Con- gregation ofthe divifien labouring to make the other contemptible and odious; and this called, the Preaching of truth, and the parer wor(biping of God : I have feen this growup to the height of Ranters in horrid ßlafphemies, and thenof 9,jakers , in dif- dain#ul pride and furlinels ; and into the way of ,Seekers , that were to feek for a Miniftry, a Church, a Scripture , and con- fequently a Chriff. I have many a time beard it breakout into more horrid revil- ings of the belt Miniftry and Godlieft peo- ple , than ever I heard from the molt malignant Drunkard : I have lived to fee it put to the Queftion in that which they called, the little Parliament, whether all the Minifters of the Pariffhes of England Mould be put down at once. When Love was frft killed in their own br afts, by thefe lame