Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

The fin of drforderlyunchurching men. 89 Anf.If that and their;;rofs ignorance be proved together, as you may delay them for the later, fo you may reje& them for the former ; becaufe it Iheweth their impenitence : But this mull be proved of them, and not affirmed without proof. Obj. But their Baptifrne made them members only of the Univerfal Church, and not of any par- ticular Chsarch: dnd therefore will not prove them fuck "Info, True : But he that is a member of the Univerfal Church, is fit to be received into a particular Church And there wanteth no more but mutual confent : And if hehave flatedlÿ joy- ned with a particular Church in ordinary coal- munion, Content hath bin manifefled, and he is a member of that particular Church, and muff not be rejeCted by it, but in Chrifls way. And this is the common cafe in England. The perfons who were baptized in Infancy, were at once re- ceived into the Univerfal Church, and into Tome particular Church,& have heldcommunion at age with both; andhave right to that communion till they are publikely proved to have loft their right. And if we had no Churches, but particular Churches were to be gathered anew, yet he that is a baptized member of the Univerfal Church, and confenteth to communion with that particu- lar Church in all the ordinances of Chriífs ap- pointment, doth lay a fufficient claim to his ad- miffìon, and cannot lawfully be refuted, unlefs he fund juífly cenfured by a Church which for- merly he was in. Yet this we confefs, that he can be no member of that particular Church, who fubjeeteth not himfelf totheparticular 'Vora of it, and to the neceffîry aé?s or parts of their Office 6i,,r,