Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

go The aggravations it. Office and Miniifration Becaufe h , his own con fen t. Y r. The finfuinefs of unchurching Perfons or Parifhes, without C ïrifIs w4y -of regular pro, cefs, coníifteth in all th fe foliovving parts. r. It is a cif£.ing off the LAWS of the great Law-giver of the Church, ani fo a contempt of his autho- rity, wifdom: and goodnefs ; and a making of our fell1es Qrelter, or rwifer, or holier than he. 2. It is profs inj,/Jtice, to deprive men of fo great Privi- ledges without any fufiicient proof of their for feiture It is worfe thin to turn whole Parifhes out of their liJules' and Poff ffions, without any lawful procefs or proof; upon .rumours or pri- vate affirmation; that they are Delinquents. It is not doing as we would be done by , what if any fhould fay of you, that you are Heretical and de- nyFundamental Truths ? Or what if they fhould fay of a feparated Church, that they are generally Hereticks or of wicked lives (as the Heathens did of the ancient Chriflians) and therefore that they are no Chssreíh, nor to be communicated with ; would you not think that they should every one perfondy he accufed, and proof brought .againf t them, and that They fhouldfpe -ak for themfelves; before they were thus condemned ? 3. And it is an aggravated Crime in them, that fo much cry clown Chunch -tyran ny in others, to be thus notori- oúllyguilty of it themfelves? what greater in- juflice and tyranny can there be, than that all men; Cbrif'dianity and Church-rights, {hall be judged Nall, upon the cenlures and rumours of fiafpitious men, without any jail proof or lawful tryal? That it be in the power of every ene, who