Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

The aggr4v4tions of it. 91 who bath but uncharitabienefs enough to think evil of his neighbours; or to believe reports a- gainft their innocency to calf them cut of the Fa- mily of God , and to unchrillen and unchurch men arbitrarily at their pleafuire ? That any man that is but unconfcionable enough to fay [They are all ifnorant andprophane. ] íhal i expect tohave his neighbours excommunicated. 4. It maketh all Churches to be lubricous and uncertain iha- doves : when a cenforious perfon may unchurch them at his plea,fuse. What you : fay of otherso another may fay of you ; and as j'a íí}1y expea to be believed. . It unavoidably bringeth inun- curable'divi ins : For there is no certain rule of jultice with filch perfons and therefore they knownot who are to be received to their Com- munion, and who not : And the fame ,roan that ore thinketh is rejeóed,and kept out,, another will think is to be received; And who, knoweth which of them is to be obeyed. If one fay that a Pariíh is a Church, and another fay that they..are to be unchurched, who knoweth which of then'Çto believe, 6. It is a reproach to the Church and Chrif}ian religion, when we tell the world that that we have not fo much jriflice and egrsity among us, Heathens have in their worldly focieties. 7. It depriveth the Church of the folace of her Communion, when the belt man is not fore, but a cenforious perfon may at his pleafure turn him out as unworthy. 8. It greatly wrongeh Jefus Chrift, who fo dearly loveth the weakeff of his flock ; andbath purchafed their priviledges at fo dear a rate : and vvhofe body is maymed, when any of his members are cut off : and who taketh the