Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

i Of the raftoralpower of the Keyes. the wrong that is done them as done unto himfelf. 'Thefe are the great virtues of that cenforious zeal, which uncharches Perfons or Pariíhes without juff tryat and proof, upon rumours of fame, or their own farmifes. DIRECT. XI. itnderflandwell what is thepower ofthe Keys; andwhat the Pagedofîae is, as they are the Governors ofthe Çhurch ent,rufted by Chrift with thepower ofadmijjlon and re- jelllon that foyou may know howfar you are to ref' in the judgement of the Paliors andmay not attempt to take any part of their office toyour [elves. °He power of theKeyes, is thepower of tak- L ing into the church, and of Governing it, and (of cafting out : Both in refile& to prefent Order, and in refpe& to future happinefs, by a Minifte- rial declarationof the fenfe of the Gofpel, con- cerning the fate of fuch asthey. The power of Baptizing, is the power of the Keyes for reception into tiffe Church. The private members have not the power of kaptíz,ing , noxt were the Paftors ever appointed to do it, by their advife, confent or vote. Therefore the private members havenot the power of the Keyes for ad- miiiion, And it is molt apparent in the Gofpel, that the-Keyes for admiffion and for exclufion are given