Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Paftoral power proved. 93, given into the faine hands , and not one to the Miniflers and another to the Flock t Therefore thepeople that have not the firs, have not the later. For full proof of this obferve the meaningof thele Texts. Ifa. 22. 22. And the Key of thehoufe- of David will I lay upon his 'holder ; fo hefhall open and none/hall that : and he 'hall /hnt and none fhall open. Ifa. 9. 6. The Government (hall be upon his (holder. Mat..16.19. Iwill give thee the Keyes ofthe Xingdome of Heaven ; and whatfoever thou jhalt bind` on earth (hall be bound in heaven, &C. Mat. z S. t 8, Verily 'fay unto you, nhatfoever yebind on earthfhall be bound, &c. Job. 20. 23. frPhofefoeverfinsye doe remit, they are remitted to them ; and whofefoeverfins ye retain they are retained. Math. 28. 19. Go and teach allNations baptizing 'them) &c. job. 20.2!. As my Father hathfens me, eatenfo fend Iyou., Ads' . 16, 17. Judasway numbred with t a, and hadob- tained part of this Minfry. As 20. 2$. Take heed to yourfe/ves and to all the fleck over which the Holy Ghofl bath madeyou Overfeers,to feed the Church of God .,- Rom. z. 1. Paul a Minifler cf f efuu Chrifl, called an i4pc f le , feparated to the Gokel of God. z Cor. 4. z. Let a manfo earnof te.f as of theMini/lers of Chrif' and Stewards ofthe m feeries of God. As 4. 23. They ordained them Elders in every Church. Tit. T. 3. Ordain Elders in e- very City, as I appointed thee. V. 7, A Bifhop muff be blamelefs as the Steward ofGtd. 1 Tim. 3. 5.. For if a man know not how to rule his own houfe, how pall he ofthe Church of God ? z Tim. j'.I T. Let the Eiders that rule well be counted worthy of dou- ble Lonour z Pet. 5. 2. Feed the flock o4 Gnd which