Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

94 Ted the Church, which is among you , taking the overfight thereof Heb. 13. 7, 17, 24. Remember them zi,hich have the rule over you, who have fp ken to you the word of God -- Obey them that have the rule over you and flab mityour (elves ; fr they watch foryour foals -- jalute them 'that have the rule overyou i Thef5. 2,, ;. e befeech yaa brethren to know them ( that is, ac- knowledge their power and labours) that labour à- tong you, and are over you in the Lord and ad= month you, and to elbow them very highly in love for their works fake, and to be at peace among your [elves. Read thefe with judgement, and then believe if you can, that the power of the Keys or Go® vernrnent is in the People. Shew us what text doth give theft that power ? and where the Scri- pture calleth theta to exercife ¡it byVotes ? Or where God requirethability in them for Church- government ? or where he calleth them to leave their Callings and attend this work ? When thofe that mull perform it, he feparateth to it as by of- fice, and calleth them to give themfelves p,-holly thereunto. i Tim. 4: x5, Y 6. Tell us when the people were authorized to baptize ? or to rule the Church, that is, themfelves. Obj. Mat. i 8. t5. Tell the Church : if he hear nst the church, &c. ntxrfm. Many Expofitors think that by the Church there is meant the Minifters only, by this reafon : The Church that m mall be heard : the church that muff be heard mull be told: But that is only the Pallors and rot the People Ergo .--. But I eafilygrant you, that the word [Church] there fignifieth the whole Congregation (as Dr. Taylor in his Second Dif- fwative