Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Who muji put away the wicked, 95 fwafive bath well (hewed) But it is as an Or- ganized body only. And fo the Office is to be performed only by the Organical part ; and not by any of the refl. When I fay to a man [Hear me] I do not mean that he fhould hear me with his eyes, but only withhis ears And when I b:d him See or Reid. I bid him not do it with his ears but with his eyes. Nor do the eyes receive this power from the feet or hands,. but immediately from the Head : Though if they were feparated from the body they could not retain it. So if a- nother Kingdome fend to England, to delire are Armyof Men to help them, they mean the King only as the Commander of them, and the people as the 'executors ofhis Command. So when you are bid to tell the Church, it is quatens.s airita that it muff be told; And when you are bid to hear it, it is as Teaching that it mull be heard. So that this talketh not of any Government in the people, either to use or togive. Obj. i Cor. y. Paul biddeth all the Church to p`it from among then; that wickedperfon. Anfir. Note that Paz/ paffeth the fentence ñrf} himfelf [1have j edged as if 1 wereprefent (not thatyoo deliver, but) to deliverfrech an one to Satan And therefore he doth this in himself [in the name of the Lord efast] and fuppofeth himfelf ano,3g them in fpirit and power when they do it [and ray fpirit with thepower of czar Lord efoi Chrlfi`.] 2,And I have faid, He fpeaketh to an org nixed Church, Which had two parts, and accordingly two works to do : The Ruing part was toput away the Offen- der by Judgement, or Sentence ; And the people were all to prit him agar, by aóual jhroníng his Comma-