Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

96 of retelling bdd cPafiers. Communion, which is but the obeying of that fentence. If the King fend to a Corporation to execute any Law, he meaneth not that all perfons mua do it in the like manner ; but the Magi- flrates by Command, and the people by obeying them, andexecuting their Conamandsa IfI de- lire a man to tranfcribc me a Book and bring it me ; I meannot thateverypart of hind fhalt herein have the fame office ; But that he rend it only With his eyes, and underhand it withhis reafon, and tranfcribe it with his hand, and travel with his feet. The Paf ors only excommunicate by Judgement or Sentence ; and the people by o$ bedient execution of it. Obj.. Who then fhall call out an tleretick, or pernicio is `Tutor , if he bimfelf mull be re- jei"ted ? anti. t. The Neighbour Mors fhall re= nounce Communion with him, and reje&him from their neighbour Communion; And they Ihall warn that people to avoid him(by virtue of the com- mon relation which they have to the univerfal Churchof Chriil.) z. The people ( as Cyprian determineth) arebound to forfake him : not by an a&of Government over him or themfelves ; but by an a& of obeelience to god, and of felf-preferva- Lion; As Souldiers mull forfake a trayterousGe- neral, or Seamen a perfidious or defperately un- skilful Pitot that would cafl themall away. M the people did always choofe their Pahors to' Govern them, fo may they in fuch a cafe refufe them, without ufurping any Government them! felves. Well ! 1\Ìo+ß let us fee what influence this truth