Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

What 4 mercy it if to thepeople. 97 truth flionld have upon your Church-Commü- fion. Do you fay that your neighbours are not to be accoutred members of the Çhtarch,nor to be.comi rnunicaved with? Who took them into the Church by Baptifm ? Was it not a Minifler of Chrift If you fay no , you muff prove vouf accufationo If you grant it , was it not his office fo to do ? Hath not God made. his Miniileis y.,d7es vvhom they are to baptize? And afterward alio whom to,catechife and inílru& and admit co the oat- mur ion of the Church ? Thei e is no doubt o it. If then they are admitted by an .r,truf}eci Officer, Winn you venture to afurp the place, yea and todo then the wrong to fay that they are no members? Is it any of your truer or << °o:-k ?, I pay you mark what a mercy it is to you , that the Officers not the private members are entr tilled with t w Work. Firft, ifitwere )csyr i rk, you muf}ßpi-, dy and be ably to erform it Secondly, you thu i etch for it , and confianti attend it If a Heretick pervert the Text of Scripture, you muff convince him by your skil in the Or ginais or in the fenfe. How..many h indeed or thoufand per fom are there in a Parrfh to be tried ? The Wort+ of-them mutt have a hearing and jull trial at leaft, before you can refufe him lawfully : And how accurately mufl this difficult work be done, that the reakefl be not denied his right, nor the un- fit admitted ? Flow long muff a firmer be admoniò' flied andexhorted to repentance ? And are you a ble and willing to leave all your callings, to do all this If the Minificr that Both it, mull lay by tbd K buline fs