Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

8 Tohave officers for Difciplir e. bufinefs of the world, how think you that you can do the fame without laying by your worldly bur- nefs I If he mutt have fo manyyears learning and preparation , can you do it axithout ? Miflake not, it is not for Sermons only that Miniflers need all their learning and labour ; but alfo for the difci- pline and guidance of the flocks. Thirdly, and if it beyour 'work, you muff be accountáble for it be- fore God. And do younot fear fuch a reckoning? And if thefe bufie people had their with , would theynot be in a worfe cafe than the moll dumb and lazy Miniller ? Confider it well, and youwill find that you are not at all bound to know what the fpiritual (late of any man is, as he is to joyn in Church-commu- nion with you, but upon your Pa/tors truft and r droff. Whether their underflanding be futici- thf'at their admittance ; you are not any where called to try but the Pallor is : And if he have admitted them, you are to refs in his judgment (5.unlefs you would undertake the office your félves) whether their profeffion of faith and re- pentance be ferious and credible , you are not called to try and judge: Bat if your Pallor have admitted them, he hath numbred them with the vifible Chriflians : And it is the credibility of the P4or that you have to confider; and by him you mull judge of the credibilityof the profeffour, and not immediately by your own trial. Who are the perfons that you shall meet at a Sacrament or in publike Communion , you are not at all re- quired to try; And ifyounever fart them before or heard them fpeak, you may perform your du- ty neverthetefs Indeed if o a ntiPhboar you are called