Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

fame principles, which I here detea, I have feen how confidently the killing of the King the Rebellious demolifhing of the Government of the Land , the killing of many Thoufands of their Brethren the turnings and overturnings of all kinds of Rule, even that which they themfelves fec up, have been committed and juftified, and prophanely fathered upon God. Thefe with much more filch fruits of Love- killing principles, and divifions I have feen. And I have feen what fierce, cenforious, proud, unchriftian tempers they have caufed or lignified In a word, I have long feen that eniotts wífdom (whatever it pretend) is not from above, but is earthly fenfual anddevilip ; and that where envy and /trite is upon pre- tence of Religious precedency of wifdorn there is centrafion andevery evilwerk, Jam.;. 15, 16. And if after fo long, fo fad, fo no- torious experience , you would have me lain to be tender of the brood of Hell , I mean thefe Love-deflroying wayes, and to thew anycountenance to that which really hath done all this, you would have me as blind as the Sodomites, and as obdurate as Pharaoh and his Egyptians , and utterly re- folved never to learn the will of God , or to regard either good or evil in the world. 5. The