Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Who Imefl try ltlemlerf. 99 called to inflrua or counfel or comfort them,you muff do it : But there may be five thoufand in one Church with you, whofe names or faces you are not bound to. know ; but to ref} in the knowledge of them to whom the keyes are committed , Who according to their (Aire cake them in. O j. But what i f theyare noteriosefly wicked? 1'vlsiJ 1 to blind ? Anfn'. No : you mull do Your befl by neigh bully watchfulnefs and help ( thoughnot by Pa, floral Government ) to reform all about you w^orn you are able to do-good to. And if you know them to be fo bad, you muff privately ad- monifh them, as is proved ; and then if they hear tot, tell the Church : But if you fee a man in the Church at the Sacrament, or a thoufand men,whG are unreformed, and you know it not , you have no reafontoavoid the communionof fuch : And if there be a thoufand in the Church whofe cafe' you are ffrangers to, th s may be no fin of yours, and should be no impediment of your comruu nion. Obi. But »hat if c-.rn«1 neglivnt Miniflers mill let in all into the C!ireh by BaptifmAndgive tkean the Lords Supper? Shall it be thin in their power to corrupt the Church : Andmuff Sze joyn with them and take no care of it ? Anfw. There is no perfon in any office or trul}, but may too eafily abufe it: And the more noble the work and troll is, the greater is the fin and calamity of fuch abufe. And io doubt but a bad unfaithful Minifler is one of thegreatefl ners on earth, and one of the moll pernicious plagues to the Church. Whichcould not be,un 14`i