Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

xora ' What muff thepeople do. lefs it were in his power to do very much hurt. But it will not follow that therefore you muff take his place, and become the Church Cover flours, or tryall the peoples fitnefs your felves. If ä Judge be bad, you may fay what an intolle- rabic thing is it, that one man Ihall have power to give away mens eflates, and take away the lives of the innocent, and to acquit the guilty.) But for all that you mull not mend it , by flep- ping up into the judgement feat your felf , and faying, that you or the reíl of the people will do it better. Some body mull be trailed with Ifyou are fitteli, offer your felfto the office. The thing that you mull do is, to doyour bell to de- liver the Church from fo bad a Pallor : Ufe all your wifdome and diligence to amendhim : And if you cannot do that, ufe all your interei to get him out, andget a better : And if you cannot do that, deliver your own foul from him , by re- moving to a better, if you are free ; But if as fer- vants or children or wives you are under another Government which rellraineth you , be patient, and ufe Lich means as God provideth for you. This is the true way of your Church-duty , and not to think that you mull have a knowledgeof the Godlinefs of all that you communicate with; or that you mull refufe communion if the Pafiic be remifs and negligent, Obj. But will it n:-t be myfin if1 communicate with tssch as I know to be notoriofly tricked ? when 4 little haven, leavenerh tie lump. e/fnfr. It will be your Cm if you obey not Chrifl, Mat. 18. is. in admonithing them ; and fo if it be long of you, that they are pot removed: or