Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

When Paßors corrupt the Church. TO It or if you do not your duty to ref)rm the Pallor or remove him : But otherwife if they be there without yoar fault , it is no more your fin to .communicate with fuch men , than it is to live and converfe with fellow fervants that are wic- ked; when it is not yozs,but your M fter that bath the choice of them. And the leavenings of the lump which the Text fpeaketh of, is the tempting of others to the like fin ; andnot that the innocf nt fhall-be held guilty of it nor were the words fpoken to the people to perfwade them todo the Pailors work, or to feparate from the Church ; but to the Paffors v perfwade them to call out the finner ; and to the people to perfwade them to execute their Sentence, ( and the Apofiles in particular. ) It would rule andquiet peopld, if they knew the truft and work of the Pastors, from their own. DIRECT. NIT. Well find, thegracious Nature and office of lefus ChrIsi, andhis great readinefs to re- ceive thofe that come to him though weak in faith ; and hù backm-rdnefs to refufe fuch Commers .. that fe you may defirc a Churchdifc Aline that is futtable to the .NatureandOffice of Chrip, and to the de- figs and tenor of the GoJpd. CHriac outward Discipline is agreeable to his inn rd. As thofe that come to him by faith, K 3 he