Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

102 Study Chrifls N.aturß and Office. he oil/ in no wife caft out or rej e& ; f) thofe that come to him by profcffion of faith, he would not have his Minifters in any wife reje&. And corts- ing to Chrift when he was perfonally on earth, did lignifie the following ofhim in prefence, as well as believing inhim : Jail fo far as men will come, 'fo far they (hall be received by Chrif} : If they will come but towards him, he will not put them back. If they will come but to his vifble Church, by a dead profefiîon, he wouldnot have his Mini- ifers repttlfe them. The outward priviledges of thevifible Churchwhich they come to, they thall poffefs. If they will come over to the Church of the regenerate, they íhall be fared. But where 'ever they flop it Ihall be their own doing. Many Came to Chrif} when he was on earth, whom he newer repulfed; though he was marvelled at and grudged'at for entertaining them. Some carne fo far as toown his Name, and did Miracles by ir, that yet did not follow him : whom the Apoftles would have hindered, but Chrift reproved them, Mary p. 3 8. Lug 9.49. Some came only to re- ceive a Cureof their Difeafes from him, whom his Difciples fometimes repúlfed, but fo didnot he : when little children were brought to hint, his Dífciples rebuked thofe that brought them, as thinking them unfit for hisreception : but Chrifl rebuked them for their forbidding of filch guefls. Whenhe eat and drank With publicans and fin- (inners, and when he received the kindnefs of a woman that had bin a great fanner, the Pharifees, cenfured him therefore as ungodly : But yet he would not abate his clemency. Many at this day an farce d igef+ it, that he fent forth a Jud&te ro preach