Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

C d. s s to receive men. a c 3 preach the Gospel, when he kn:w that ne was a thiefand an hypocrite , and foreknew that he was a Son of perdition, and would betray him, and that the Devil wouldenter into him ; yea, knew that he was a Devil. oh. 6.70. & 13. 2. yea, that this 'Iola fhould be one of the twelve fe!ea Apoftes, and one of the Family of Chrift. Yet Chrift repulfed himnot; And if he did not par- take of the Sacrament at his Taft Supper, it was 11ot becaufe Chrift did turn him out, but becaufe he went away himfeif. And accordingly the A- pofiles received 3093 at once into the Church, upon their fudden profeffaon of repentance, even of such as had killed the Lord of life. And though Simon 1ifagtt would not come out of the gall of bitternefs, and bond of iniquity, yet was he not kept out of the vifible Church, when heprofeifed to believe and defired bapt,fm. Indeed if men will not come fo far as to the profofanof truefaith and repentance they are not to be receíved into the Church; Becaufe the Church is a Society of f ch ProfeJrours : And if they will not come, they cannot be received. The Church and Sacrament muli not be altered, and made a- nother thing than Chrift made it,for the receiying of another fort of men. We mull nor do as fome that would have no proeejfion offaxing faith and re- pentance, but only a confent to learn, required o: them that are baptized ; and fo baptifm changed into another fort, which Chrift never inftituted and the Church never ufed to this day. But if Chriftians had well ftudied the compafions of a Saviour, and the tenour of his Gofpel, and his praóice upon earth, and inftead of a furly flying K 4 from