Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

104 Yet Peace ti for Holinefi. from their neighbours, and oroundiefs censuring them , were poffeffed themfelves, with that love and tendernefs wh'ch is the Evangelical temper, and the image of their Lord ; it would put an end to many of our divitions, and bring us neerer the truth and one another. DIRECT. XIII. ret,/egyou run into the werfe extream,remem- berfill that the deflroying of fin, and the fanilifying of mans nature and life by re- covering ta to the obedience and Love af God,wo the defign and work of the iodee- mer And that Bolinefs and Peace muß go together : And that the outward order and difcipline of thevifible Church,rnuft be fubfervient to the inward fpirituality and profperity of the regenerate Church: And 'nofuchfavour mull be fbewed to (inners, ¿ favoureth and firengthneth their fin , and hindereth the increafe of holinefs. I T is wail work which ungodly Paftors mike in the vifible Church , under the name and pretenfe of ',unity , Concord Peace and Order ; when an enemy to true holinefs, bath the Manag- ingof thefe,you may eafily imagine how they wlI be tifed;; BLit fad experience bath told the Chriffian 1;vorld;thefe y 3 co years more doleful things than could otherNife have bin imagined. The compaffi. n ChiaViewed to finners was to convert