Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Holy and unholy Peace. i05 and fave them from their fin : 'But thecompaiíìon which carnal Paf+ors íhew them, is to harden them in their fin, and make them believe that re- pentane and holinefs are but hypocrifie or need- lefs things. The Unity and Concord which Chriff intended , was a Vnity in himfelf and a Con- cord in holy Obedience to his Lawes : But it is a Vnity in the will of man and a Concord in obeying the Di&ates of the proud, which Treacherous Pallors do require. It is a Peaceable progrefs of the Gofpel , and nna- ninsow endeavor to convert and fan&ifie and fave the world, which Chriíl requireth us to pro- lno-e : But it is a Peaceable enjoyment of their ownprofperity , wealth and honour, and a peace- able forbearance of a holy life, whic:M Wolvifh Patlors do delire. It is an Orderly management of holy do&rine, werfhip and converfation , for the edification of the flock , and the increa`e _ of god linefs, which Chrifl commandeth. 13ur it is an abfolute obedience to their wills, and anolsec ohfervance of their new- made Religions , and needlefs fcandalous inventions, and an adoring of their titles and robes of honour, covering their ignorance, pride and fenfuality, which Church- tyrants call the Order of the Church. All Chrifis indulgent tendernefs and Difcipline, are but to further his Holy defigne, of killing (in and fandi- fying fouls. But the Images of Piety , Govern - ment, unity , Peace and Order, which Hypo- crites and Pharifees fet up , are devifed engines to deftroy the Life and ferious pra&ice of the things themfelves, and arc fet up in enmity againft fpirituality and holinefs, that there might no other