Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

o6 Againl ungodly Unity other Piety , Government, Unity, Peace or Order in the Church , but there lifelefs I- mages. It is far from themind of Chritl, that no dif- ference ihould be made between the Holy and the profane, theprecious and the vile : Or that fe- rions piety fhauld be fuppreffed or :di£couraged or faithful preachers hindered from promoting it, or ignorant gracelefs Miniflers countenanced , under pretence of `Peace or Order. Tie defign ofChriti was not likeMahomet's , to get himfelf an earthly Kingdom , and numerous followers meerly to cry up his name: And therefore he will not indulge men in their fins, nor abate or alter the conditions ofhis Covenant, to win dif ciples : He will have his Minitiers deal plainly with all to whom they preach, and let thenknooi that without felf-denial and forfaking all (in etii oration and refolution) and a willing exchangeof earth for heaven, they cannot be his true Difci- pies : Norwithout a Profefi con ent to thus much, they cannot be his viable profefDifciples : But alI that will not repent mu{i perifh. And there- fore in their Baptifm they muti profefs a renun- ciation of all competitors. His Minifters alfo mull impartially exercife the Keyes which he bath committed to their trutl, and mufi not fear the faces ofinen, who at molt are able but to kill the body. L ik. 12.4. They mufi difcern between the righteousand thewicked ; and draw all fcan- dalous ¡inners to repentance, or elfe exclude them from the communion ofSaints, that the world May fee that Chrii is no friend to prophane per- fons, or ferkfual flefhly bruits. As Chryfoftome comman:,