Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

and Peace. 107 commandeth the Presbyters not to give the bo- dy andblood of Chriil to the unworthy , though he were the greateflr Commander or wore a Dia- dem, and profeffeth that he would fuffer his own blood to be thed, before he would give the blood of Chrift to theunworthy : And as bleffed Paul would become all things to all ten to win them, and commandeth us not to pleafe our (elves, bat to pleafe our neighbours for their good to edifi- cation : Andyet when it came to the flattering ofmenin their fins, he faith that if be should fo pleafe men, he should be no longer the fervant of Chrift. And as tohis (won intereft in mans efaeetn, he faith, With me it t afmall thing to be jutiged of you, or of mans judgment. Rom. 15. t, 2, 3. x Cor. to. 33. Gala.' o. 2 Tim. 2.4. i Cor. 4. 3. Take heed therefore of pretending Unity, order, peace, f or charity,againft the ri&eff obe- dience ofGods laws, or againfi the faithful prea- ching ofthe Gofpel, andexercifeof trueChurch- difcipline, or againfi the nece(fity of the ancient profe`fion offaving faith and true-repentance in all that will be admitted to the communion of the Church : It is not an ungodly unity , peace or order that we plead for. DIRECT.