Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

108 Beftri3 inprivate familiarity. DIRECT. XIV. Though your Governours and not you, muff judge what perfon.r fhait be of yorár tublike Church-communion , yet it ii you that lnufl judge who are fit or unfit for your private company and familiarity. fiere therefore exercifeyour f riïtnefs in your own part. AS it is not you, but the King that mull judge, who 1ha11 be of the fame Kingdome with you : nor thefervant but the Matter , that muff choofe whoThal be in the family with him:Nor the fcholler but the SchoolmAtier that muff choofe who Thai be ofthe fame ,chool with him :So it is not you, but your Paftor that muff judg who fhall be of the fame Church with you. As to the Univerfal vi(ible Church, this is confefl by all : And there is no reafon why it lhouldbe denied of particular Cbnr. cbes, as is proved. But who (hall be your 'Pa- ./tors or your Mailers , your husbands or your wives, if you are yet free , you your felves muff be the choofcrs : And who "hall be your intimate companions,or your bofome friends : Here there- fore make as firift a choice as you can. If you meet a prophzne perfon at the Lords Table, it is his own fault or the Paffors : But if you keep company needlefly with filch, or marry fuch, it is your on fault. If the Pallor do not excommM- nicate them, you may choofe not to be familiar with them : Though you muff meet them at the i,urch andpray with them you need not meet theta