Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

5. The fate fins are continued in with- out repentance. The farepride and igno- rance is (till keeping open our divifions And if after filch warnings , as the world fcarce ever had the like, we (hall be ftill im- penitent ;, ifwe íha11 fin our (elves into fuf- fering, and fin in our fuffering as we did before, even the very fame fin ofDivifions which brought us to it; how heinous is our Crime, and how dreadful the Progno- flick ofour greater ruine ; And howguilty are thofe Minifters of the blood ofSouls , that will not tell men of the fin and dan- ger, 6. I know that Dividing Principles and Vifpofitions, do tend diretly to the ruine and damnation of thofe in whom they do prevail. That which killeth Love killeth all graceand holinefs , and killeth Souls That which quencheth Love, quencheth the Spirit (a thoufand fold more then the retraining ofour gifts of utterance doth:) That which banilheth Love , baniíheth God. That which is againft Love is againft the defign of Chrift in our Redemption , and therefore may well be called Anti. chriftian And if the Roman Kingdom (for fo it is rather to be called than a Church) had not fuch Moral marks of Antichriftia- nity,(which Dr. More hash - notably opened in