Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Mens own: willmug choofe, &c. ró9 them at the Ale-houfe and drink with them.Though you may not with a few of the moll godly fepa- rate from the publike communionof all the ref};. yet may you keep a more intimate familiarity with thofe few than with all the refl. And if you will confider, this is all that isneceffary to your ownduty, and that which is bell for your own edification. Keep thus to a flrianefs with- in the bounds ofyour own place and calling, and God will blefs you in fuch a flricinefs. DIRECT. XV. under(landwell howmuch it bath pleatedsod, to lay all mens good or evil, bappinefs or mifery , upon their own choice ; Andob- ferve the reafons of it , than jars may no oppofe this order of God. '°°"Hough God by his grace mull change the perverfe difpohrion of mens wills , before theywill make a gracious choice ; yet it is moft certain, that the teachings, coznmands, exhorta- tions and reproofs cf God , are direeced to the mill ofman : And that the prornifes and threat- nings, mercies and judgements, are ufed to move and change the will : And that in the tenor of h}s Laws and Covenants Chrift hath fet Life and Death before men, and put their Happinefr in their own choice; and that no man ilia]] have better or worfe than he made choice of : that is, none ¡hall be either happy or miferable , but as they