Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

io 'wens iiwn will mull choofe theydid choofe or refufe , the carafes of happinefs er rnife.ry. And the reafon of this is , becaufe Natural-free-gill, waspart of the Natiira/-image ofGod on /Idam ; and it is as natural to a man to be afree-agent as to be Reafonabte. And God will govern Man ad Man, agreeably to his na- ture, 'Thereforedo not wonder if church priviledges are-principally left to mens on wills or choice, when theirfoilvatian is left toit. Indeed God would not have any man admit- ted into the CErrch and to its communion, iht his on way, and on hie own terms : The gay and terms are of Chrifis appointment That they muff TrofefgFaith and Repentance is his appointed con- dition : that the Mini,fier mutt be the publike judge of this profeffion ; and accordingly receive them folemnly by 8aptifm, and that they muti enter un- der the hand of the, Key-tearers of the Church All this is of Chrifis inattution. But whether they will make this profeffion or not ? and whe- ther th:y will make it in truth or in falfbood ; and whether they will live according to it, or play the hypocrites and live contrary to it ; Thefe are at their own choice. And good reafon ; for the gain or lof mua be their own. If any be in the Communion of the Church,who either never made profeffion of Chriftianity, or who is proved before them to have apofiatiz.ed from that profeirion , or to live impenitently in anyrof3tin, after the Chur- ches admonition, it is thePaaors fault ; and yours ifit be by the negleft of your duty. But if any other be there it is their on fault , and the lofs and hurt mutt be their own, 1f any one that pro- fffeth