Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

or refufe their mercies. 1 Z t feffeth Chriftianity ignorantly , unbelievingly, and hypocritically be there : or if they come to theSacrament whileft they live in fecret or open fin, before they have been openly admonilhed by theChurch, it is their own fin; andnot you but they ¡hall bear the blame. God leaveth fuch matters to their own choice : and as they choofe they fpeed. And for us togrudge at this order of God, is but toquarrel at wifdome and good-, nefs, and to corret Gods order by our diforder. The man that came in without a wedding gar= ment, is blamed, and bound hand and foot, and punifhed : But the Miniffer that called him in and admitted him, is not blamed; becaufe hedid as he was bidden : He went to the high-ways and hedgesand compelled them (by importunity) to come in that the Houfe might be filled : Nos are any that came in with him blamed , for having communion with fuch : For they were in their places , and did as they were exhort- ed to do. And fo will it be in the cafe that is beforeus. PIRECT.