Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

I 12 What Proféfrion tscredible. D 1R EC 1e Li YL Though theprofefsivn ofChriftianity which erg titulethmen to Church-cornrnunicn , mNfE be credible : yet remember that there are divers Degrees. of credibility ; and that everyProfelsion which is not prevedfalfe ' re credible ira fuch et degree its mil be ac,* cepted by the church* PRofeffìon ofChriflianity is every mans Church- title. No man is to prove the fincerity of his own profeifion; nor ,may the Church require fuch proof at his hands; For hoer can ,a mart prove to another the fincerity of his onheart ? hut the faa'ler teflimony he giveth of it , the better it is And- thereforenone fhould refufe to makehis own pro feffion,, as folly credible to the Church as he is a- bie,, no: is the Church to be blaz ed'yfor enquiring after the fulleft credibility, fo be it they do it but ad meliam eft, and not ad ; not laying his title upon it, nor refuting him for want of it. Bur everyprofeffion faach is credible in fome degree, which is not difproved. Becaufe men are undet God, the only competent judges of their own hearts : And the belief of one another is the ground of humane converfe : And it is an injury to any man to account him a lyar, without futfi- cíent proof. He that will difprove a mans pro- fefìon , mua prove fira, that he loth not to'era- blyunder!}and what he faith ; fecondiy, or that he fpeaketh not ferioufly, but in jell ; or not vo® lantarilya