Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Grace hewfar neceffary. 13 luntaxily, but in hypócrifie by, contiraint, or for fome by end : Thirdly, or that he contradi&eth' his own Words by force more credible words or deeds. And ifyounever yet thus difproved tens profe[lion óf Chriftianity before the Pallors of the Church and yet cry out againff the Pallors. for admitting their, ybu are not true Reformers, but de(orderly Mürinters, and ppeevifh cenfurers irá the Churchtof Chrift. Chriflsorders, and mens right; and all Church- juflrce, muff not be trod= den down and facrificcd to your humour; andar bitrary way; IfiECT. XVII. Know howfar either Graceor Gifts are necef.; fart' to ä A4inifter ; that youmaygive both` grace andgifts their due. Here have been two great quefliöns which' I long have troubled the Church, whether we may take him for a true Minifler of Chrift t that is unsodly ? And what meafure of Gifts is necef- fary to the being of the Minifiry ? I have care= fully,anfwered them both inmy Diûûztocion of Or. dination long ago, and Than now only fay in brief; Firft, that no anSodly man is fo called to she Mi- niftry as to excufe bimfelf before God for his ufurpation and'hypocritical admîniflrations. Se-, condly, But many an ungodly man isfQ far called to the Minifiry as that his admin ft at ons are all v.ljd to the Church, and r he innocent `oid; (hall not. have