Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Gifts hors far necef àry.. havehe lofs. Thirdly, no people fhould choofe andprefer fuch an ungodly 1Vlinií?er before a bet- teii. Fourthly, but they fhould rather fubmit to fusch than have none when a better cannot (by them) b,e had. f rwdas had a place in the Minißry with the Apoftles, Ad. .. 1.7 And his miniftra- tion,mi`,ht be valid e to others, though his hypocri- .fäe might turn it into fin to himfelf. And his mi- tiiffry might have been .accepted of the people, though they hadknown his hypocrile as Chrift did But ajTncere Apegle was to be preferred be- fore him. And for. Gifts, Firi+ the greateft degree is bell and fecondly, God maketh fo great ufe of them , that many an hypocrite wi h excellent gifts, Both edifie the Church more than many good men that are ungifted. Thirdly, but that meafure Of Gifts only is-neceflary to the Beingof a Minif+er without which theeential parts of his 6. ce cannot be performed. Learn therefore to prefer them that have moil. grace and gifts but not to take them for no Mi- rifers that want grace totally, or want only a greater degree of Gifts. And marvel not that Gifts are more neceffary to the v;:>iidity of minifiration thanGrace is. Hemay perform the office of a 71.4 nifier to tie benefit ofthe Church, that hath no,faving grace at all fo did7udas fo did thofe :rh.7. 21 that propheted and "call out de -. v is in'Chrifis name , tJ whom he will yet fay , Depart fromme ye workers of iniquity, I know younot : For Grace is to fave him that poífeffeth it : But Gifts are to teach and profit others. Yet Grace is anexceeding furtherance ofthe right and