Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Of uniyerfal Communion. 'is and fuccefsful ufe of gifts : For ordinarily he that t'peaketh from ti,,e heart fpeaketh to the heart; when an unexperienced hypocrite fpeaketh with- out life. But fometimes a dulnefs and want of utterance in the fncere , and a natural and affe aed fervency in the hypocrite, with a voluble tongue , do, obfcure this difference ; and make the hypocrite the more profitable to the Church. DIRECT. XVIII. tinderflandwell the necefsity ofyour Carnets neon with all the Univerfal Church , and wherein it con f fieth and how far to be preferred beforeyour Communion with Any particular Church. Ith the Vmniverfal Church m flicalyou muff have communion by the famefp'rit, the Jàrse regeneration, the fame Faith and Love , and the fame Laits of God; and obedience thereto. With the univerfal Church ble,youmutt have communion, in the fame Profeffion of faith and repentance, and the fame baptiJrn, and the fame fort ofmini/try andprablike ?Tor/bib fo far as they are univerfally determined cf byChrit}. And though' you are abfent in body, you mut be as prefent in fpirit by confent, with all the Churches of Chrif on earth. You mut} have fpiritual communion with the wholefpiritraal Church, and vifible com- munion in kind (in the fame Rule of faiths and !kind of vvoríhip) with ail the Church; and L 2 Lccal -ï