Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

II 6 tilniver fal Commañzon: Lccalrefential communion with that particHlar Cbsircb where you are prefent, and with any dther where your prefence afterwards may be need- ful ; unlefs they hinder you by unlawful terms. So that it is not the fame Ond nor meafure of Communion which you are obliged to hold with all ; But you muff have Communion with all- men a a nsan ;' and with neighbours as a neighbour, and with relations according to the relations civil or domefbical; and with all true Chrifians, as a true Chriftian ; and with all profeffed Chriftians., as a profeffed Chriftian ;. and with the particular Church of which you are a part, 45 a part-of that Church. And with your bofome Friends and intimate Companions, as a Friend and Companion.- And yet in all this , you mutt communicate with no Church or perfon in their fin it Pelf : and yet not refufe their Communion wll theprayers of though 1 mixt with fin.You the Churches in theworld fo far as they are good,' and joyn in fpirit byconfent, as if yctt corcurred with them inprefence , and made all their prayers to be your own (As you do by the prayers of the Church where you are prefent.) If there be diforders or imperfe6tiens or finful blemifies in their prayers, you muf} difown all thole faults, but not therefore difown any part of all -their prayers vvh°ich ai e good, but defire to have a part in them and defre the pardonof their failings perceive what a mil-chief And here you may p pievifh feparation is on both fides. It hindereth vo.t from pr lying alight for others, as the mem- bers fhould do far all the body ; And it hinder- eth,