Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

a Of Univerfaï L'ommulDim. I17 eth you from partaking in the benefit of the pray- ers of molt of the Church of God on earth. In- deed God may hear thofe prayers for you which you your [elves difown : Brut whether this may be expeeted, according to the ordinarycoarfeof his dealing, is much to bedoubted : feeing he huh madeevery mans trill or choice theordinary condi- tion of his participation of fuch benefits, it is hard to conceive, that he that abhorreth the pray- ers of other men, or taketh them for fuch as God ;abhorreth, or will not accept, and ;in his mind difox'neth all participation, and communion in them , should yet have a part against his -will. But of this more anon. As your Baptifrn maketh you Members of the tiniverfal Church, in order of nature before you are members ofa particular Church ; fo your re- lation to the Univerfal Church is more notaie, more ,«necebry, and more durable, than your relation to any particular Church : .It is morenoble, becaufe the Society is more noble,. The whole ismore excellent than á little parr : It is more nscß ry ...; becaufe you cannot be fa red and be, Chrifiiam without being members of ,the Univerfal Church : But you may be Chritli,_ ans and be faved, without being a member of any fatedparticular Church. It is more durable `'e- caufe you,can .never feparate from the Univerfal Church, or ceafe tobe a member of it without being feparated from Chrifl : :But divers occafi- ons may warrant your removeall from a particular Church: Live not therefore in thofenar;ów and dangerous principles , as if your Congregation or your party were all the Church of thrift ; ou L 3 as,