Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

i i8 Own ne Party to the injury as if you had no Chriftian relation to any other Minifters or People,` nor owed any duty to them as Members of the fame Body. But remember that all Chriftians, Perfons and Congregations, are but the Members of the Kingdom of Chrift. D I R 1CT. XIX. Take heed ofengaging your[elves toe far in anydividedSet, or of efporufang the interefi of anyparty of Chrif"tians, to the neglea or injury of the common interefi ofthe Un i. verfal church, or caufe of hrifianity. I Doubt not but among feveral ranks of Chri® f}ians, the foundeft and molt upright are to be belt efteemed, and (ceterapram) their Com- munion tobe preferred, before theirs that are more unfound and fcandalous. But its one thing toprefer the eye or hand, before the foot; a nc® ble member before a more ignoble; and ano- ther thing to own a Sea as fuck, or a parry as they either divide from others, or take up a dividing oppoite interelt. You are fare that the ani- verfal Chard) of Chrift, can never erre againft the effentials of Chriftianity, nor againit any truth or duty neceffary to their falvation. For then the Church were no Church, and then Chrifl were not its Head. And then thebodyof Chrifi might perifh, : And then Chrift were not the Saviour of his body. But you cannot fayof any one part, that you