Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

in his Myflerie Of iniquity ;) If they were not the Engineers for the vì- ifiors of the Chriftianworld ; by a falfo Genrer, and by impoffible terms of Unity , and by thti en- gine of tearing dividing impeOrions ; If a- mong them were not found the blood of the Saints and the, Martyrs of Jefus , I fhould in charity, fear to fufpet themof Antichri{lianity , notwithfianding all the Prophetical paílages which feern otherwife to point them out ; becaufe I fhould í6l1 fufpect my underfl anding of thofe Prophe- cies, when the Lawof Loving my neighbour my [elf, is plain to all. They are dangeroufly miflraken that think that Satan hath but one way to mens damnation. There are as many wayes to Hell, as there be to the extinguifhing of Love. And all tendeth unto this , which tendeth to hide or deny the Lovelit efs, that is, the ggood.nef$, of them whom I mutt Love : much more that which reprefent- eth them as dim. And there are many pretences and wayes to make my Neigh- boar Teem unlovely to me : One loth it as Effectually by unjuft or unproved accufa- tions of aingadlinefs , or Paying , Their wor- fhip is Antichriftian, formal , ridiculous , vain ; as another Both by unuft and un- proved accufations of Schifm,Difobedience