Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

of the c; hrtrch >tver/l. r Q you are fare roar parr (hall never tail away and perish. There may fall out a neceffity which may warrant the Body to cut off a hand or leg, to fave the ref} : But no corporal nece(fity can war- rant you todeftroy the whole ; nor any one mem- ber to forfake the Body., before it is forcibly 'cut off. He that feeth not how the efpoufing of parties and divided inteerefts, doth corrupt.moft Chrifli- ans in the world , and lacerate and deface the Church of Chrifl, doth not underftand or not ob- ferve the condition of mankind. It is fomewhwt meet with any ferious Chriffians, who are not fodeeply engaged into fome Sea or Side or :parry, as to darken their judgements, and per- ;evert their aífé&ions as to all the ref:; and tocor. rupt their converfe in the world : HON blin±y do fuch look on all that is good in'thofe that dif- fer from them ? How partially do they judge of the judgements and pra;ifes of others ? Ho.v (mall a thing will ferve the turn , to excufe the faults ofany of their party ? And how fmall and common a good feenethexcellent in them' ? And how perverfv do they aggravate the faults of all that are againft their way? As if every inñi mi y were a crime, and had no excu'ie ? yea, th`ey are oft glad to hear of forne mifcarriage in th no, for which they may fpeak agsinfi them. And very readily takeup fuch reports, and are thewilling- tongues of flanderous fame And in all this thei fa&ion maketh them impenitent : For, they think it tendeth to the difgrace of the other Pare tv, and fo of their Caufc, which theyaccornt án erro;.r, and confeq:le'ntil that God bath for L 4 their,