Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

or Sedition. And they that love Godli- nefs, may be tempted to call off their love of their Neighbours , yea of the truly Godly, when they once believe that they are ungodly. And the white Devil is a Love- killer as well as the black. He is as mortal anenemy to Lóve, who backbiteth another, and faith , he is Prophane , or he isan empty formalift, or he is a lukewarm temporizing complying manpleaferJ as he that faith {He is a pievith factious Hypo- crite.] I am Pure he was no Malignant, nor intended to gird at Godlinefs, nor togrieve good men, who told us that it is Satans way to transform himfelf into an Angel of Light ( that is , one that pretendeth to make higher motions for Light and for Re- ligions ílrianefs, than Chrift himfelf doth5) and that his Minders are fent forth by him as Alinifltrs of Rágbteaufnefs, 2 Car. 11. 14515)16. who will feemmore Righteous, than the Preachers of truth. Satan will pretend to any fort of firit}nefs , by which he can but mortifie Love. If you can de- vile any fuch flridnefs of opinions , or ex- ailnefs in Church orders , or f}rietnefs in worfhip, as will but help to kil/ meals love, and fet the Churches in divifons, Satan Will be your helper, and will be the ílrid & and exateft ofyou all ; He will reprove Chrift