Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Chriff as a Sabbathbreakers and as a glut- tonous perfon, and a Wine-bibber , and a friend (or Companion) of Publicans and Sinners, and as an enemy to ciefar too. We are not altogether ignorant of his wiles, as young unexperienced Chriftians are. You think when a wrathful envious heat is kindled in you again ft menfor their faults, that it is certainly a zeal of Godsexciting But markwhether it have not more wrath than Love in it : and whether it tend not more todifgrace your brother than to cure him, or tomakeparties and divifiions than to heal them : It it be fo, if St. lames be not deceived , you are deceived as to the author ofyour zeal , yam, 3. i 5, 16. and it hash a worfe Original than you fufpec. It is one of the greateft reafons which mak- eth me hate RoLniflh Church tyranny, and Religious cruelties againft diffenters, be- caufe as they come from want of Love, fo I am fare that they tend to deftroy the Love of thofe on whom they are inflifted, and to domore hurt to their Souls than to their Bodies. The Devil is not fo filly an An- gler as to fifh with the bareHook; nor fuch a Fool as when he would damn men , to in- treat them openly to be damned ; nor when he would kill mens Love, to intreat them plainly, not to Love but hate their neighbours