Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

143 fowl on the other fide, have taught me to{land to, the judgment of God, and topity the poor hypo- crite , who bath no better a reward, than, the . thoughts andpraifeof mortal men. Do I fpeak according to the moft common judg-' ment of Divines/The Seetary faith,my light is di- vine : I fpeak but by rote, and not by true illu- mination. Do I pretend to add any clearnefs to the methods or points received, or to correa any error which hath got the major Vote of the inju- dicious ?? Then I am Pelf. conceited, and a novel- lif ; and if not a heretick, its well ! And the honour of all the Divines which are of a contrary mind, muff be engaged to promote the Cenfurea And the fear that fober Chriflians have ofnovelty and errour, mutt be called up to make them ab- hor a ay truth which the grave and ignorant cenfu- rer doth not underhand : And they that confefs that they never ferioufly readwhat I have writ- ten, on fuch or fuch a fubjeet, yet have wifdotn and honey little enough to fay behind my back,, O take heed of fuch a mans Books, for they are tantum no heretical : Though in prefence they are as gentle as Lambs , or as quickly filenced ( or worfe) as the Owls at the approach of day' light : If fuch a judicious Writer, as Comer, . or Davenant,or ilfher,or Grocitse, or Bergiau, or Amy- raid, or Plac em,or Capellau, or Tritardue,or Blonde!, or D4Ilku4, or Le Blanc (In his late excellent im- partial judicious Thefes) or Innipis, or Vofitis,or S'erangius, &c. do tell any of the unfludied or ín- judicious fort of Divines, any more than they have received from that party of Teachers, who are in gr-eatefi reputat'on with them you thall have