Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

IA 14$ have t ofe that never underftood them, tell the ignort (that cannot contradi6t them) how er- oneOus they are , and how they contradit themfeives : and,what inco afiílències and abfur- dities they fpeak And it all goes down with de- luded auditors, as if the Speaker were an Oracle or at leali, knew what he fail. And to teach you to defpair of the hypocrites "reward, let me tell you ; that till God make the world another thing than now it is, there is no hope that ever the honefzer fart of Chri(tians or Teachers (much lefs the difhonefter) fhould ever come to fo high attainments, that the major part fhou`.d be truly judicious in judging of deep and difficult controversies ! And that there is as little hope, that either of them fhould know how lithe ti:ey know , till their knowledge in the matter it ¡elf increafe ; or that ever the world (whether. Chriftians or Heathens,Pallors or People) fhould ceafe to overvalue their own apprehenfions ; till ,realer Light and íludy bring them fir to polit- e:, g,, and laftly to feparate the certainties from the ncertainties, and to ffften upon one, and lay by the other. But I have been long upon this in- fiance. And it is fo in almo(I all things elfe.Scarce a day, or hour that I fpend, but I mull finor be cenfured or it. If I neglect my rnofl publike labours,rny confcience and thofe at a diliance cenfure me. If I do not, thofe at hand who expe& all my time fhould be fpent in private converfe with them; cenfure me, If my publiée duty command me away, yet he that exile&ell that. hour in confer- ence thinks that I difdainfuliy r egleec hire; And