Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

z4S And if I should call off preachingand writing, it is almott all one : For that hour which Ihave been fpending withone, another path been that while expe6ing ; and cenfuring me as Iharply for his frutiration. If I had a benefit to door give, which I cangive but to one, ten fhall cenfure me, becaufe they have it not, when the one that had it is fcarcely: thankful: Ifyou would give all that you have to the poor, when all is given, many that hadnothing will cenfure you more then thole that had it will be grateful. Expectations with moff men are high, and they underftand not your inability And mens necetlities are many and great; And every one will fay, why I look but for lo much ; when all fet together as ten times more than you have to give. And as to the Manner of our duties, the cen fures will be as fure and many. If I would cure any hearers of an error, inftead of a cure, they make rue know they feel the fmart ; And that they came not to be taught, but to bepleafed. (So, dangerous a thing is it for men tocome into the School of Chrifc, as f radgea and not as Scholars, (or Difciples.) Its two to one but thereare pre- fent many perfons of contrary opinions ! what (hall I do to pleafe them all ? fhall I Ertl preach for Separation, Ánabaptif' , Antinomianifm, Pa. eery, to pleafe thofe on thofe fides ; and then preach againft them all again to pleafe thole on the other fide ? This would difpleafe them all : ( and God and Confcience who are more than all.) If I fpeak on one fde , I lofe the other. If I meddle with no Controverlie N