Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

neighbours : But he doth it by makingyou believe that there is just and neceffary caufe for it ; and that it is your duty, and that you should be lukewarm in the caufe of God, of truth of Godlinefs , if you did not do it : that fo you may go on without fcruple, and do foagain, and not repent. Even they that killed Chrifts Apoftles,did it as a duty , and a part of the fervice of God, yoh. r 6. 3, And Paul himfelf did once think verily that he ought to do mangy things which he did, againfi the Name and Caufe and Servants of Jefus, Ac . 26.9.' And as hedid, fo he was doneby ; and as he meafured to others, it was meafured to him again ; For they that bound themfelveì in an oath tokill him did deeply interef e God and confcience in the cruelty. But be- lieve it, it is Apoftacy to fall from Love : your fouls dye , when Love dyeth. The opinions, the ChurchPrinciples,, the fide- ings , the Pra&ifes , which deftroy your /bye, deftroy your graces and your fouls: You dye whileyou haveaname to,live, and think that you grow apace in Religion Thereforebetter unrderfland the Tempter and whenbackbiters are deriding or vilify- ing your neighbours, take it to fignifie in plain English [I pray you love not thefe men, but hate them,] And I have told B yo