Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

you in this Treatife , that when one faith unjuttly [Kill them, banijh them.1 and ano ther faith [J-lave no Communion with themj ¡E is too often the fame inward afieetion which both exprefs, but invarious wayes They are agreed in the gumption , that their neighbour is unlovely. And when Love is dead,and yet Religion feemeth to furvive and to be increafed by ir, it is lamentable to think what a dege- nerate, fcandalous , hypocritical Religion that will be, and how odious and &ho- nourable to God. To preach without Love, and to hear without Love, and to pray without Love , and to communicate without Love, to any that differ from your Sea., O what a loathfome Sacrifice is it, to the God cf Love ? If we mutt leave our guift at the Altar, till we are reconciled to- one offended brothcr what a gift is theirs,, who are unreconciled to alma' all the Churches of Chritt ? or tomultitudes of their Brethren,becaufe they arenot of their way yea, that make their Communion, . thevery badge and means of their uncha- ritablenefs and divitionsl Sirs, thete are not matters of indifferency, nor tobe indulged by any faithful Pattor of the Church. 7, And I know that thefe principles are s mortal to the Churches, as they are to- Sosdh