Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

souls. And that ifever the Churches have peace, protperity or healing; it mui be by the means of Loveand concord , and by de- ftroying theprinciples which would defiroy them. One thinketh that it mutt be by a Spanifh Inquifition, and by forcing or kill- ing the diflencers ; And another thinketh it muff be by Excommunicating them all and making them odious, and making their own party feern thereby to be better than theirs. But I know that it muff be by re- vived Love ; or it will never be. I know it, and whoever is angry with me for it , I can- not choofe but know ir. When the Papills hadmurdered fo many hundred thoufands of the Albigenfes and Waldenfes, who would bave thought , but they had done their work '' When the French Maffacre had murdered 3ooc© or 4c oo, and difpatcht the Leaders of the Protefiant party, who would have thought that they had but ftrengt!hened them e When the Duke D' Alva had done fo much to drown the Belgick Proteftants in blood he little thought that he was but fortifying them. Queen Maries Bithops little thought that their Englifh Bonfires were but to light men to fee the mifchief of their caufe ; and like the firing of a Beacon to call all the Land to take them for the Enemies ofman - B kind,