Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

kind ; and that the cafe would have been fo quickly altered. When the Irifh had murdered two hundred thoufand, they lit- tle thought that they had but excited the Survivers tö a terrible revenge. I will come no nearer,- but you may eafily do it your (elves. if we bite and devour one another, theball be_devoured one ofanother, Gal. 5.15. The queftion is, but who (hall be devoured firft , and who referved for the fecónd -courfe. If any man have an ear to hear let him hear : He that leadeth into captivity fball go into captivity : He that killeth with the Sword, mull be killedwith the Sword : Here is the Patience and Faith of the Saints. Rev. 13. 9. jo. God Ruleth the world Bill when he worketh not miracles ! Have we not feen a proud \rietorious Army dif- folved without a drop of blood and have we not feen that God approveth not of proud Pelf- exaltation, and violating the Sacred power of our Governours , and ufurping their places of Authority : Hath not the drunken world had yet experience enough to teach them, that the Church of God is not to be built up or repaired, by their tumultuous quarrellings and frayes. How long Lord, muff thy Church and Cade, be in the hands of unexperienced furious fools, who know not what Holinefs or