Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

or Healing is, but think that vi&ory over mens Bodies , mull be the cure of their Souls, and that hurting them is the way to win their Love ! or that a Church is con-, ftituted of Bodies alone while semis are ab-, lent, or no parts who will make them- felves the Rulers of thy Flock in defpite of thee and of thy Caule and Servants, without thy call or approbation , and think that the workof a Soldier, is the work of a Faheyand a Phyfician! whole cures are all by amputation; and whole piety confift- eth in flying from each other , and efreena-; ing and ufing their Brethren as their foes ; who fcatter thy flocks on all the mountains, when Chi ill hath prayed that they may all be one ! Perhaps, Reader, thou art one ofthem that thinketh, that the fettlement and happinefs of the Church , mull be won like a game at foot-ball; and therefore fcrupleft not to tofs it in the dirt , and tumultu- oufly to ftrive with and ftrike up the heels ofall that are againfr thee, (fo that peace- able paffengers cannot fafely come near your game or pals the ftreets.) But when you have got the Ball,have youdone the work,: Are you frill fo ignorant as not to know, how uncertain frill you are to keep it , and that one fpurn can take it from l'you ;' And fuppofe