Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

fuppofe you could fecure all your con- quefts, are the Churches healed ever the more a Mens hearts mutt be conquered be fore this healingwork is done. And there- fore the Apoftle faith that we are more than Conquerours, whenwe are killed all the day longand accountea as Sheep to the "laughter, Rom, 8. 34, 3 5. that is, it is more gain and honour to our felves , to fuffer'in faithand patienceby our enemies , than to conquer them in the field; And it is more profita- ble alto unto them, and tendeth toa more defirable conqueft of them : Becaufe when Conquerors dobut exafperate them; and if we hurt their bodies, we harden them the more againft our caufe , and againft the means of their own Salvation , our patient Martyrdom and fiiffering by them, may tend at lait to open their eyes , and turn their hearts, and fave their fouls , by thew-, ing them the Truth , the coednefs and the Power of Chrift, and of his Word and Spi. rit " This is the meaning of being more than Conquerours. The /rip are conquered by us, but not converted The Scots and .ngli fb were çonVeyed by Cromwell , but their hearts were not conquered , nor their Religion changed by him. They that trin% that if they could get and keep the upper ground , and have Diflenters bodies and (fiats