Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

eftates at their will:, they could loon fettle the Church inUnity and Concord , do tell all the world, how ignorant they are ofthe ,,natureofChriftianity, and . of the fear of God, and of the means of thepeace and Con- fordof the Church : Eitheryou would give -up your own judgments and Confc>ence.r, or praelice your felves to the will of men , if you were in their power, or not. Ifyou n+odel no.t, why Ihotild you think that others will t .Ifyouwould, yoça do but tell the world , that you are Atheifls , and have neither a God, nor Confcience , nor Reli- gion. But it is not evidence enough ofyour folly, to fay in your hearts there is no God, and to fear them that can but kill the body, more than Him that canpunifh both body and foul in hell; but you muff alto fhevv that you know neither God nor Man , by thinking that all others are Atheifts allo, and judging of themby your fives ; as if they fet their $owls and their everlalling hopes, at as bate a price as you do yours. I tell you again that a Bartel ora Foot -ball skuffle will not fettle, thedifcompofed and divided Churches ; unlefs you think that a heapof CarkafTes (lain in the field, pof- ¡refs the quietnefs, and concord which you delire : The Soul is the man , and Love is the ÇhritianLife, and the true CenIerIr. L 4 the