Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

theChurches unity -And Lovemutt caufe Love , as fire cauteth fire ; And hurtful wrath lothmolt powerfullyquench it, and bath thefe fifteen hundred )7 ars,(but efpe- daily thefe thirteen hundred) been the wolvifh Scatterer of the flocks of Chrift And mutt that be now the way tó build it, which path fo long been the way to pull it down. It is Love that mutt be our Union, and Love that muff caufe it, or we fhall taevez have the Union of á Chriffian Church. By this fhall all men know that you are Chrifts Difciples,ifyou have Love one toanother. Ifyou believe not this,pre- tendnot to believe in JefusChrift, who doth affirm it. I confefsI am fo far guilty of fuperftition my' felf , that if I had been one of the Changers ofour ancient Government , I íhould have been fomewhat the moreback- ward for his ,carnefake to the beheading of Chrifiopher Love, left it Ihould be an ill 9men both to Church and State , but efpe- dally to the *4Eorsof it. 8. Another of the Motives of this Dif. courfe is , becaufe I know that times of gnoft temptation , are times of greateft danger , and commonly of greateft fin. And all faithful Paflors muff know what 'aie the fpecial Temptations of the Time and